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  1. Precedence Technologies Ltd
    Continue to manufacture and support Acorn and Xemplar Network Computers NC'S , Cambridge.

  2. UniPrint
    Universal printer support for a networked machine.

  3. Simtec Net100
    100 Megabit Ethernet Network Interface Card NIC.
    Categories: Comms
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  4. PC Card Upgrades
    DIY 486 to 586 for Risc PC issue I 486SX co-processor cards.

  5. A4 LCD panels
    New, unused replacements for Acorn's original laptop.

  6. R-Comp Interactive
    Network Printing solutions for Acorn and RISC OS systems.

  7. ExpLAN LCD Monitors
    Great value LCD monitors, ready to go on RISC OS systems that support MDFs.

  8. Octopus Teletext
    Advanced Teletext solution with sophisticated page caching and searching systems. It even searches for favourite TV programmes and speaks a verbal reminder when they are due to start.
    Categories: Hardware
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  9. External Reset Switch
    Owl Art Un-Limited's reset switch for RiscPCs and A7000s.
    Categories: Hardware
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  10. Technical history of Acorn
    A technical history of Acorn Computers.
    Categories: Hardware
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  11. Net Works Computers SOMERSET
    net works formerly JD Computer Services are a firm of experienced and friendly IT engineers based in the South West of England.

  12. Caller Display Hardware
    Caller Display System for Acorn RISC OS computers. Displays your caller's details the instant the telephone rings. It works with either a Pace modem or a small Caller ID unit which plugs into the telephone line and also into the computer's serial port.

  13. Harris Broadcast Communications Division - Computers - Ha...
    Harris Broadcast Communications Division - Computers - Hardware and Software
    Categories: Comms
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  14. Practical Raspberry Pi Brendan Horan Books
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  15. Computer hardware Software and communications Source
    Hardware used in industrial computing such as PCs, embedded computers, interfaces and screens HMI , data-input devices, and displays and remote terminal units.
    Categories: Comms
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  16. CJE Micro's Prices 5510 Price list
    CJE Micros an Acorn RISC OS Computers Software and Hardware retailer.

  17. Encyclo - Category list
    Online English Encyclopedia