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  1. Developing Doulas Birth and postnatal doula training courses
    Doula training courses accredited by Doula UK run by Maddie McMahon

  2. Fetal Dopplers for use in Pregnancy Hire or Buy Fetal Hea... provide quality Fetal Dopplers baby heart monitors to buy or hire so you can listen to your baby's heartbeat while pregnant.

  3. BLISS The Premature Baby Charity - advice and resources o...
    BLISS, the premature baby charity, was founded over 20 years ago by parents concerned by the lack of resources in the UK for babies needing special or neonatal intensive care

  4. Avoiding hysterectomy for Fibroids
    Fibroids can be shrunk away by stopping the blood supply to them using a technique called fibroid embolisation - A UK team of experts explains.

  5. The Birth Company
    St. John's Wood, London A clinic that offers a combination of a more holistic approach and a medicalised one. Also specialises in general gynaecological and fertility assessments.

  6. Jane's Breastfeeding and Childbirth Resources
    Large collection of links to related information.

    Easy to understand information for patients on heavy periods menorrhagia , which affect many women. Information on symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment. Written by a UK general practitioner.

    A guide to conceiving a baby, including boosting fertility, explanation of the female reproductive system, predicting ovulation, and possible causes of delayed conception.

  9. Birthworks
    Englands longest established birthing tub hire company.

  10. Postnatal Depression Training
    Provides skills-based training, to identify Postnatal Depression PND by appropriate use of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale EPDS and to provide planned, structured, focussed intervention using techniques derived from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

  11. Baby Caf Charitable Trust
    Co-ordinate a national network of drop-in centres to support breastfeeding mothers information about their service, locations, advice, and contacts.

  12. Marie Stopes International
    A global partnership that works in 30 countries. The mission is to ensure the fundamental human right of all people to have children by choice not chance. Site includes details of UK clinics.

    Offers information on cervical cancer, chemotherapy, counseling and related issues, bulletin board and relevant links. Also Jo's story and how the trust came to be established.
    Categories: Cervical, Womens Health
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  14. Medinfo Smear Test Cervical Smear
    Information from a United Kingdom general practitioner about procedure, results, and follow-up techniques.
    Categories: Pelvic Exams and Pap Tests, Womens Health
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  15. The Endometriosis and Fertility Clinic
    Offers general information and nutritional support for endometriosis suffers.

  16. Diagnostic Ultrasound
    Information about scans undertaken during pregnancy including to measure nuchal translucency.

  17. Lung Cancer Risk Greater for Women
    Women who smoke the same amount as men are twice as likely to get lung cancer.

  18. The Miscarriage Association
    Support and understanding offered from the perspective of having been through miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy through a network of local volunteers. Site includes introductory information and some telephone support details.

  19. Association of Breastfeeding Mothers
    A charity run by mothers for mothers, committed to giving friendly support and supplying the right information to all women wishing to breastfeed.

  20. Tommy's The Baby Charity
    This organisation's goal is to help prevent premature birth, miscarriage and stillbirth. Healthy pregnancy hints, toxoplasmosis, pre-eclampsia, and problem pregnancies are covered.

  21. A Guide to Women's Health Topics
    General medical information including virginity, pregnancy, hormones, aging, and birth control.

  22. Care Confidential
    National network of independent centres providing free pregnancy tests, unbiased and non-judgemental crisis pregnancy and post-abortion counselling deriving from Christian values of care and compassion.

  23. Breast Specialist
    Prof Kefah Mokbel is a surgeon specialising in the treatment of diseases of the breast, including breast cancer and cosmetic breast surgery

  24. Help And Advice On Premenstrual Syndrome
    Describes alternative treatments for premenstrual syndrome and information on medical research on PMS and PMDD.

  25. National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome
    Offering information about the condition, details on conferences, and dietary information.
    Categories: Premenstrual Syndrome, Womens Health
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  26. Women's Health Information
    A site by an obstetrician gynaecologist, containing detailed information on pregnancy complications, miscarriage, infertility and other women's health issues.

  27. Birthlight
    An educational charity promoting an integrated, holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and babyhood, using yoga techniques information about their founder, classes nationwide, and newsletter.

  28. Aquabirths
    Offer pools for hire for home births and baptisms. Delivery throughout UK.

  29. Sheila Kitzinger
    Author of woman-centered childbirth books. Includes up-to-date information on her work, both academic and activist.

  30. Heavy Periods Menorrhagia Health
    menstrual cycle, periods, periods heavy, menorrhagia, heavy periods

  31. Useful Health Resources
    UK based online clinic specialising in the treatment of impotence or erectile dysfunction, hair loss and obesity or overweight with prescription medications such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Propecia, Reductil and Xenical. Free consultation with a registered doctor. Next day delivery from our UK based pharmacy.

  32. Endometriosis
    My periods have never been that regular. They are painful and very heavy. This causes not only embarrassment, but is now making me lose time from work...

  33. Exercises for Pregnancy and Childbirth with Cd-Rom A Prac...
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  34. Men and Women s Health - Prostate Pills from Nature Supplies
    Every man in his middle age is likely to face problems with his prostate gland. We have natural pills that help to get rid of BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

  35. Menopause and HRT Health
    menopause, hormone replacement therapy all hormones , hormone drugs, hormone replacement therapy, oestrogens for hrt, premature ovarian failure

  36. Endometriosis
    Endometriosis is a condition in which the tissue endometrium normally lining the womb or uterus grows on different organs outside the uterus.

  37. Childbirth deaths rise as women delay pregnancy - Telegraph
    A ldquo worrying rdquo number of mothers are dying during pregnancy and childbirth in Britain because women are having babies later and receive substandard care in hospitals, leading doctors have warned.

  38. Sports and Spinal Specialists - Wilmslow Physiotherapy
    Wilmslow Physiotherapy provides injury management for all people wanting fast, effective help and rapid return to function

  39. Women's Health Concern Support Patient UK
    Women's Health Concern - 4-6 Eton Place Marlow Bucks SL7 2QA Tel Office 01628 478 473 Web Women's Health Concern ...

  40. What is menorrhagia
    My wife has a doctor s report which tells her she suffers with what looks like menorrhagia she would like to know what it is....

  41. Pregnancy and Childbirth in Richmond - Richmond Pregnancy...
    Find the best Pregnancy and Childbirth in Richmond as recommended by local Richmond people in thebestof Richmond apos s Pregnancy and Childbirth directory.

  42. Hysterectomy Health

  43. Aromatherapy for Pregnancy and Childbirth Women's health ...
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  44. Vulval Pain Society
    Information and helpful advice plus links to other useful resources.
    Categories: Womens Health
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  45. Hot Flushes Doctor
    menopause, flushing

  46. Health Corporate Wellness
    Corporate Wellness uk web sites, local and national uk Corporate Wellness information.

  47. Fitness programs for children or younger age group
    Netfits free advice for putting together a training or workout for children or the younger age group.

  48. Women's Health Concern
    Women's Health Concern provides women with counselling and advice through its telephone helpline.

  49. Preparing for Birth with Yoga Empowering and Effective Ex...
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  50. Womens Health
    CORE NI - Counselling, Supervision, Training and Life Coaching.