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Knowledge Management

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  1. Briantea Competence Management
    Consulting firm that provides specific competency programs geared to individual organizations. Based in Loughborough, United Kingdom.

  2. Open Door Consulting
    Independent UK based firm providing Competitive Intelligence Solutions. Strategies, Industry data, Ready 2 Use Intelligence for decision makers, Countermeasure Protection Strategies. World wide associates for all your needs.

  3. XMaster
    Information on a Windows expert system shell. Includes product descriptions and pricing and contact information.

  4. The Enterprise Ontology
    Collection of terms and definitions relevant to business enterprises. Developed in the Enterprise Project by the Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute at the University of Edinburgh.

  5. Defining Knowledge Management
    Resources provided by the Business Processes Resource Center at the University of Warwick. Features background information, white papers, events, and research in knowledge management and flow.

  6. Infocube
    Consultants in business intelligence, data warehousing and performance management. Offers information on Web-enabled software, as well as training programs.

  7. Thomson Associates
    Firm based in Scotland offering management and interpersonal skills training, coaching and organizational development. Features client testimonials, company profile, as well as contact information.

  8. Literature Review
    PDF File. Broad review of investigation and analysis methods dating back to 1973. Published in 2001 by the UK Health and Safety Executive.

  9. KnowledgeMap
    Software providing visual representations of business processes and resources, integrating them into business infrastructure.

  10. The Document Site
    Offers articles and advice, including best practice guidelines. Features a glossary of terms related to Information Assets and a typology of Knowledge Types.

  11. Future Edge
    Knowledge management portal solutions. Future Edge delivers embedded technology, customisable web and network applications. Knowledge management, document management, data analysis and database development software company.

  12. Illumine Ltd
    Training in Creativity, thinking and learning for business and the public sector. In-house and open courses in Creative Thinking, Innovation, Mind Mapping, Speed Reading, Accelerated Learning, Study Skills and Stress Management. Certified by De Bono and Buzan

  13. UK-Idea Company
    Consulting firm teaches skills with emphasis on creating new inventions, products, ideas and concepts. Offers an overview of services, book review, news, and contact details.

  14. Infinite Innovations Ltd.
    Dedicated to the development and use of advanced brainstorming techniques.

  15. Mint Business Solutions
    Firm assess requirements for improving the capture and sharing of knowledge, followed by a review of how to knowledge-enable existing software systems or development of new applications inclusive of these objectives. Features overviews and contact information.

  16. Apollo
    A knowledge modelling Java application developed by the Knowledge Media Institute. Internal model is build as a frame system conformant to OKBC protocol. Version 1.1 supports OWL.

  17. Nixor
    UK-based firm specializes in enabling information capture and embedding. Offers a description of services and contact information.

  18. A Theory of Implicit and Explicit Knowledge
    An article on implicit knowledge, memory, cognitive development, visual perception, and artificial grammar learning written by Zoltan Dienes and Josef Perner. Published in the journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences in 1999.

  19. IV07
    11th International Conference on Information Visualisation. Zurich, Switzerland 2-6 July 2007.

  20. Systems Services - Web Data Retrieval
    Develops applications to search out and retrieve data from web pages and e-mail archives and provides turnkey services to find and retrieve information from the web, XML databases or stores of incoming e-mail. Features contact information.

  21. Tutorial on OWL
    An introduction to OWL by Sean Bechhofer, Ian Horrocks and Peter F. Patel-Schneider, in the forms of a set of PDF documents and PPT presentations.

  22. National Patient Safety Agency
    Gateway to on-line training programme provided by the National Patient Safety Agency of the UK National Health Service.

  23. Infovis links by Tim Cribbin
    A resource for students of the emerging field of Information Visualisation. Includes web links and bibliographic references.

  24. Handbook of Accident and Incident Reporting
    Includes and detailed handbook over 1000 pages in PDF by Chris Johnson, Professor of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow.

  25. Learning from Data Decision Trees
    Lecture about decision trees by Amos Storkey.

  26. UK-IDEA Company
    Consulting firm teaches skills with emphasis on creating new inventions, products, ideas and concepts. Offers an overview of services, book review, news, and contact details.

  27. WonderWeb Ontology Infrastructure for the Semantic Web
    A project aiming at large-scale deployment of ontologies as the foundation for the Semantic Web.

  28. Managing information
    Ways to assist a person in deciding what information is actually needed.

  29. The Register - Data Dyspepsia Blights the Workforce
    Research from Gartner has found that 90 of companies believe they get too much information pumped through to them on a regular basis.

  30. Handbook on Knowledge Management 1 Knowledge Matters v. 1...
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  31. Want It Now Post honda pilot , honda odyssey o... Want It Now Post honda pilot , honda odyssey off road buggy 260216864280
    Categories: Knowledge Management, Pilots
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  32. Software Product Manager, Web based software SaaS Cambrid...
    View all details on this Software Product Manager, Web based software SaaS Cambridge vacancy on, the UK's 1 job site. You can also search for all similar roles now. 21658944

  33. Knowledge Management Carl Frappaolo Books
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  34. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Challenges and Realit...
    Knowledge discovery and data mining KDD is dedicated to exploring meaningful information from a large volume of data. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Challenges and Realities is the most comprehensive reference publication for researchers and real-world data mining practitioners to advance knowledge discovery from low-quality data. This Premier Reference Source presents in-depth experiences Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Xingquan Zhu, Ian Davidson 9781599042527
    Categories: Books
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  35. Knowledge Management Over 50,000 Universit...
    dissertation contribution knowledge management service quality open innovation communities practice proposal knowledge management perspective project improvement uk omani construction knowledge management theory practice study shiseido issues knowledge management modern organizations effects organisational culture knowledge management proposal creating competitive advantage enabled knowledge management an examination challenges successfully implementing knowledge management initiative study business soft dissertation investigation business organizational knowledge proposal contextual cultural temporal perspectives effective knowledge transfer cross border negotiations proposal knowledge infrastructure uk financial company dissertation relationship organisational culture knowledge sharing study dkcc development market entry strategies tgi fridays knowledge management dissertation knowledge management ford toyota essay plan examination knowledge talent management an examination human capital structural capit...

  36. PR Newswire UK Elsevier Supports Russia's ROSATOM Knowled...
    Elsevier Supports Russia's ROSATOM Knowledge Management Program.

  37. IRM UK - Seminar Jan Henderyckx, Defining and Executing Y...
    Information is becoming a cornerstone of many organisations. During this two day seminar you will learn how you can turn your organisation around and make it more information centric.

  38. Knowledge In The Development Of Economies by Silvia Sacch...
    This book presents an entirely new approach to knowledge, creativity and social organisation. The first part of the book provides a trenchant critique of current globalisation, of multinational corporations, the WTO, and intellectual property rights. The rest of the book outlines an alternative globalisation based on inclusion, democratic participation, and equality. The role of the universities in this process is given special attention. The alternative globalisation is still based on the market economy but not necessarily one in which the sole objective of the corporations is to maximise profits. The book is a must-read for all economists, including those who are satisfied with the current state of the subject. The analyses of this volume of outstanding papers edited by Sacchetti and Sugden are fresh, sober and entirely convincing. Ajit Singh, University of Cambridge, UK
    Categories: Books
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  39. Jobs In Publishing Industry - Publishing Jobs - Atwood Tate
    Jobs In Publishing Industry. We have put together a glossary explaining the different publishing jobs to help you decide which sector suits your skills.

  40. The Thinking Business - - PageG...
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  41. The Knowledge Management Yearbook 2000-2001 eBook John A....
    The Knowledge Management Yearbook 2000-2001 eBook John A. Woods, James Cortada Kindle Store

  42. The Mismanagement of Talent Employability and Jobs in the...
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  43. Knowledge Management and Business Strategies Theoretical ...
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  44. Organising Knowledge Taxonomies, Knowledge and Organisati...
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    Categories: Books
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  45. Ten Steps to Maturity in Knowledge Management Lessons in ...
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  46. Learning to Fly Practical Knowledge Management from Leadi...
    Buy Learning to Fly Practical Knowledge Management from Leading and Learning Organizations Business the...way by Chris Collison, Geoff Parcell ISBN 9781841125091 from Amazon's Book Store. Free UK delivery on eligible orders.

  47. BMC Knowledge Management from Software Paradise
    The framework for creating, publishing, reviewing, and searching IT knowledge articles

  48. Knowledge Management Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and A...
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    Categories: Knowledge Management
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