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Energy Healing

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  1. Lindsay Wagner Holistic Workshops and Holistic Retreats, ...
    Lindsay Wagner's Holistic Workshops, Holistic Retreats and Meditation Evenings that integrate body, mind and spirit in a holistic and spiritual way, awakening our true potential by releasing old patterns and shifting perspectives.

  2. International Network of Esoteric Healing INEH
    Registered charity promotes the study and practice of esoteric healing, using etheric energies and the chakras to release the free flow of soul energy which can lead to wholeness and healing. Based on work by Rex Riant and principles about health and healing as transmitted by Djwhal Khul through the books of Alice A. Bailey. Courses available in the United Kingdom.
    Categories: Energy Healing, Esoteric
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  3. Andrew McKellar
    Internationally renowned spiritual healer.

  4. Sylvia Lerigo
    Northamptonshire Various services including hypnotherapy, space clearing and reiki offered.

  5. Patrick Kempe
    Distance healing for people, horses and other animals.

  6. The Inner Potential Centre
    Dedicated to people who believe that they have abilities latent within them such as ESP, healing through touch, psychic awareness and intuition. Includes online booking of weekly talks.

  7. Alan Cox
    Wolverhampton Calming Thoughts, spiritually inspired information, psychic consultancy, healing and clairvoyancy.

  8. Healer George
    Distance Healing and guided meditations, ebooks and educational material.

  9. The Libra Centre
    Conwy, North Wales Offers tarot, spiritual guidance, astrology, auric cleansing, reflexology, reiki, flower remedies and healing. Details of its philosophy.

  10. Crystal Awareness
    Information from the Spriritual Venturers Association which is a healing, teaching organisation. Includes details of courses, therapies, conferences and festivals.
    Categories: Energy Healing
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  11. Graham Dare
    London Information and services offered a medium and spiritual healer, for individuals and parties.

  12. Royston Pritchard
    Brighton,Sussex Clairvoyant and spiritual healer also offering holistic counselling.

  13. Jodechi
    Dorking,Surrey Intuitive Transformational Healing and life coaching. Includes biographym and background information.

  14. Elizabeth Brown
    London Professional dowser offers healing and provides information on services, news and events.

  15. Bi-Aura Foundation
    Background to Bio-Energy healing including training courses and practitioner details.
    Categories: Energy Healing
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  16. Malcolm and Sue Nash
    London Spiritual mediums offering Reiki and other forms of energy healing and therapy.

  17. Clyde Hughes
    Swansea The Shangrala Healing Centre offers Reiki, Seichim and crystal healing for people and animals. Information on courses and treatment.

  18. Suffolk Healers Association
    Provides spiritual healing and educates the public about it.

  19. Lou Beckerman
    Healing arts practitioner, sound therapist and spiritual healer offers information on her workshops, art and music.

  20. Anne Collingwood
    Croydon, Surrey Various healing therapies and workshops offered and explained.

  21. Inner Light Therapies
    Bournemouth, Dorset Centre offering a range of treatments including crystal and vibrational healing, Reiki, NLP, etheric surgery, NLP and EMF Balancing.

  22. Sound Intentions
    Vibrational healing music and guided meditations on CD by sound healer Neil Wakeling.
    Categories: Energy Healing
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  23. Mairead
    London Uses energy work to treat all health conditions and diagnoses illness by using medical clairvoyance.

  24. Centre for Complementary Care
    Cumbria A place of peace offering healing by gentle therapeutic touch. Information, news and events.

  25. Healing Symbols
    Energy symbols and tools for clearing blocks on all dimensions and levels.
    Categories: Energy Healing
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  26. UK Healers
    Regulatory body created to join various organisations that work with spiritual healing.
    Categories: Energy Healing
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  27. Eternal Light
    Shimara Kumara outlines her philosophies using the divine energies for healing. Includes event details, information about flower remedies, books and tapes to purchase online.
    Categories: Energy Healing
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  28. School of Holistic Dowsing
    Holistic health dowsing, offering courses on self-help and guidance on inner balance.
    Categories: Energy Healing
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  29. The Friendly Group
    A group of organisations that meet regularly to discuss issues and events in the field of spiritual healing.
    Categories: Energy Healing
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  30. The University of Light and Sparkle
    Established in 2000, The U.O.L. is a fully independent school of Natural Medicine, set up to support those whose Healing Work is more intuitively than intellectually based.
    Categories: Energy Healing
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  31. Royston Pritchard - Health Complementary and Alternative ...
    Internet Directory ZhuaDongXi United Kingdom Web Pages - Royston Pritchard Brighton,Sussex Clairvoyant and spiritual healer also offering holistic counselling.

  32. 'energy healing articles'
    energy healing, barbare, brennan, findhorn foundation, college

  33. Reiki Glasgow Scotland
    Reiki Healing. We are Born Perfect We Just Forget That The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words Rei which means God s Wisdom or the Higher Power
    Categories: Energy Healing
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  34. Reiki From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Golden Reiki
    Reiki is a spiritual practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, which has since been adapted by various teachers