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  1. Catholic Church Root - Catholic Church of England and Wales
    National Site for England and Wales Catholic Church

  2. Home
    This is an authorized Web site of Jehovah s Witnesses. It is for the distribution of publications and other information to Jehovah s Witnesses worldwide.

  3. A creepy scrape with the Da Vinci Code set
    Before he knew it, Damian Thompson had learnt some unsavoury truths about the Catholic sect and become one of its 'secret enemies'. The Telegraph, UK.

  4. Meet the real Opus Dei
    He removes his shirt and reaches for a five-tailed whip. Quietly intoning a recitation, he starts to scourge his back. The cords bite painfully into his flesh, but again and again the erect figure lashes himself. From The Times Online, UK.

  5. news main.jhtml xml news 2002 03 23 w...
    An Opus Dei official in Spain was anxious to convince an English reporter that there is nothing unusual about the organisation. Telegraph

  6. Opus Dei Sisters
    Lesley Hickson's terraced house looks like all its neighbours - with nothing to identify it as an Opus Dei centre. Article details the self-torture in the Opus Dei cult. From The Sunday Mail, UK.

  7. Online Scientology critic jailed in Canada
    Report on SWAT team in body armor swooping in to arrest Keith Henson, allegedly for failing to disclose that a warrant was out for his arrest when he entered Canada. The Register

  8. Scientologist Web site rips off
    The self-styled addiction experts at Scientology front group Narconon stole graphics, navigation, stylesheets, layout, code, everything, from a popular rave web site. . . and added a rat-on-your-friends form. The Register

  9. Too far back to the future
    from The Guardian,805962,00.html

  10. What's the problem with Opus Dei
    Ruth Kelly has tried to unknot the ties between her new job and her sympathy with the Catholic group Opus Dei. From The Guardian Unlimited.

  11. Inside the Hell of Opus Dei Book lifts cowl on 'misogynis...
    Defector tells of threats and humiliation she suffered during 13 years in secret sect. From The Telegraph, UK.

  12. What Is Opus Dei
    Controversy surrounds this organisation and its founder. BBC News

  13. Decoding secret world of Opus Dei
    As part of the Who Runs Your World series, the BBC's Max Seitz travels to Spain to investigate Opus Dei a sect focused on wealth and power.

  14. The Dei today
    Opus Dei, a mysterious arm of the Catholic Church, has been thrust under the spotlight. So what is known about the group

  15. The Rise of Opus Dei
    A report on the controversy surrounding the secretive organisation and the meteoric rise of its founder to canonisation. BBC News

  16. Is Opus Dei at work in Blair's government
    article discusses Opus Dei's secretiveness and the possibility that one of its members has penetrated the highest levels of government. From The Guardian, UK.

  17. Opus Dei
    Essay from the Earth Edition of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Run by the BBC, UK.

  18. John Williamson Some Things Bible Literalists Creationist...
    Specific points against bible literalists creationists.

  19. Club Class
    Simon Cox gains access to the hidden world of Opus Dei, one of the most mysterious and controversial clubs in the world, to separate the fact from the fiction. To their critics, they are a secretive elite cult who brainwash their members, control the Vatican and have tentacles reaching into governments all over the world. From BBC Radio 4. Requires RealPlayer.

  20. US Scientology Critic Free in Canada
    Thomas C. Greene's article on the Canadian authorities' acceptance of Henson's application for refugee status. The Register

  21. The secret life of Opus Dei
    Ruth Kelly says the Catholic group's support is a private matter, but it is surrounded by a reactionary miasma. By Michael Walsh, author of an excellent book on the Opus Dei cult. From The Guardian Unlimited, UK.

  22. Injil Helping Christianity
    Injil The original revelation given to Jesus. Who Jesus really was.

  23. Slashdot caves in to Scientology loonies
    Geek paradise Slashdot has taken the unprecedented step of removing a post which contained text allegedly copyrighted by the Church of Scientology, after receiving threats from Hubbard Space Command shysters citing the dreaded Digital Millennium Copyright Act DMCA . The Register

  24. Leaving Christianity
    Includes resources for further research, collected stories of others who have also left, selected mailing list and newsgroup discussions about religion, links and books some books free on-line .

  25. What do Americans make of Opus Dei, often described as a ...
    Former member and journalist discuss problems with the Opus Dei cult and problematic aspects of group. From The BBC Radio 4 requires RealPlayer.

  26. Lessons Learned From An Occult Experience
    Read about the strange sexual phenomena experienced by the author and her concerns over whether she was beginning to go mad before she found out the probable cause.

  27. Quotes from ex-Christians
    A page of quotes from ex-Christians concerning deconversion and other related topics.

    An educational charity providing advice and information for victims of cults, their families and friends, researchers and the media.
    Categories: Cults
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  29. CROSS WORD Exposing Endtimes Deception
    Critical examination of doctrines such as holy laughter, Promise Keepers, Latter Rain, Word of Faith, and Restoration.

  30. Fatwa Can Ahmadi be buried in Muslim cemetery
    Shaykh Syed ad-Darsh, former Faqih of Al-Azhar and Chairman of UK Shari'ah Council explains why an Ahmadi cannot be buried on Muslim cemetery.

  31. Information on Transcendental Meditation
    Critical analysis of TM, from a Christian perspective.
    Categories: Opposing Views, Transcendental Meditation
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  32. Damian Thompson Telegraph Blogs
    Damian Thompson is Editor of Telegraph Blogs and a columnist for the Daily Telegraph. He was once described by The Church Times as a blood-crazed ferret . He is on Twitter as HolySmoke. His new book is called The Fix How addiction is invading our lives and taking over your world.

  33. BBC - Religions - Hinduism Abortion
    When considering abortion, the Hindu way is to choose the action that will do least harm to all involved the mother and father, the foetus and society.