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  1. Kiosks4Business
    Kiosks manufacturer supply internet kiosks and information kiosk software for applications including NHS kiosks, Surestart and family information services kiosks

  2. History Learning Site
    Covrtd many history topics up to Advanced level.

  3. BBC Nature Online
    Useful information about the planet we live in including wild animals and human evolution. Curious facts and news. Younger kids can use some extra guidance.

  4. Change Maker
    An educational game where the player must calculate the change given for a money purchase. Currencies from the United States, Canada, Austraulia, United Kingdom, and Mexico are available.
    Categories: Money
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  5. What's So Important About 1066
    Three kings, two battles, and one comet--how did they change the course of history This interactive site lets visitors work their way through what became known as the Norman Conquest.

  6. Young People's Trust for the Environment
    Information written for young people and teachers on environmental issues.

  7. Babbage Pages Ada Lovelace
    Read about this mathematician and scientist. Focuses on her work with scientist Charles Babbage.

  8. International Standard Date and Time Notation
    International Standard ISO 8601 specifies numeric representations of date and time. It helps to avoid confusion caused by the many different national notations.

  9. Centrepoint
    Find out how this London, England center helps homeless youth. You can also play their virtual homelessness game to see how you would cope on the streets.

    An interactive poetry website for children. It also contains poems by well-known children's poets and a wealth of educational material for teachers.

  11. Teaching Time
    Interactive clock, online games, and printable worksheets help kids learn to tell time.
    Categories: Math, Math
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  12. Wildernesse School French Homepage
    A large selection of exercises for many popular courses including Avantage, Metro, Fusee and Equipe with past exam papers for AQA, Edexcel and OCR.

  13. Educhurch
    Explore Christian churches and learn Christian beliefs and how they affect how people live their lives.

  14. Great Circle Calculator
    Features calculating direct line distances between any two points on the earth's globe.

  15. A couple of ponies in the hand for some photos of my dog ...
    There are ways for animal lovers to make their adored pets pay for their keep, writes Adrian Holliday.

  16. GridClub
    Try some tests with the help of Sats Magic. Explore the world with the atlas and use Fact Gadget to help with your homework on this site from the UK Department for Education and Skills.

  17. Mesopotamia
    Discover tales of astronomers, merchants, archaeologists, epic heroes and ruthless kings. Explore a palace, the library of an astronomer and the Royal Tombs of Ur then, build your own ziggurat. From the British Museum.

  18. Embroidered schoolwear, workwear and promotional clothing
    Easy online order system for embroidered clothing, suppliers of embroidered schoolwear and workwear, promotional clothing suppliers, contract and commission embroiderers.
    Categories: Embroidery, Pre-School, School Time
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  19. Bug Identification
    A dichotomous key for identifying unknown bugs.

  20. 50 Glorious Years of Indian Independence
    One of the largest nations in the world, India has made great strides since gaining independence from Great Britain in 1945. This site tells about India's progress and the leaders who helped it happen.
    Categories: Asia
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  21. Ask the Oracle
    Provides links to classic Latin and Greek texts. Also responds to questions submitted by e-mail.

  22. United Kingdom Virtual Journey
    Journey through the UK and learn about the nation's history, environment, arts, music, sports, daily life, and food.

  23. Mr Mallon's Physics Page
    British high school teacher offers various resources to improve students' knowledge. Contains Java demonstrations of physical principles, as well as problems and solutions.

  24. Maria Mercedes Castro Valdez - French to Spanish Translator

  25. Delights of Chemistry - Chemistry Demonstrations Performe...
    Chemistry demonstrations performed at the University of Leeds. Movies, photos, and text that explain chemical reactions are available within this site.

  26. GCSE Guide
    Provides resources for the English and math portions of the test.

  27. Analysis Who are the Taleban
    The BBC explains what this Islamic group is all about.

  28. Johnny Depp asks Carol Vorderman for help in finding a sc...
    Having bought a home in Somerset, Johnny Depp is now looking for local schools to educate his children and has turned to an excellent source for advice, brainbox Carol Vorderman
    Categories: Pre-School, School Time
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  29. BBC News Who are the Taleban
    Tells who these people are, how they come into power, and what they have done since assuming control of the land.

  30. Baby Cloning Plans Under Fire
    A prominent Italian cardinal has criticised plans by Italian and US doctors to clone human beings March, 2001 article from BBC News.

  31. Introduction to Japanese Calligraphy
    Includes information on the art and its history. Also explains what distinguishes good calligraphy from bad.
    Categories: Asia
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  32. F9 Kids
    Teaches kids some basic facts about the nine planets, along with stories, games, and a 'meet the kids' section.

  33. BBC Online Sir Isaac Newton
    Detailed biography includes a look at Newton's early years and his developing interest in science.

  34. Ancient Egypt Writing
    Learn about the different scripts used in ancient Egypt and find out where writing was used.
    Categories: Egypt
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  35. Archimedes of Syracuse
    Detailed biography along with related links.

  36. CWN Guestbook - August 1999
    CWN Guestbook - August 1999
    Categories: Pre-School, School Time
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  37. Decimal to Roman Numerals Conversion
    Decimal to Roman numerals conversion.
    Categories: Math
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  38. Young TransNet
    Offers youth a toolkit and action menus to help carry out their own transport projects.

    Timed tests at different ability levels. Trial games can be tested before free registration.

  40. Mathematician Biography Index
    Features brief biographies for most important mathematicians in history.

  41. Avro Vulcan Pages
    Dedicated to the British bomber known as the Vulcan. Includes information on the plane's history and crew, plus remaining Vulcans and pictures.

  42. BBC Online History
    Presents information on a broad range of historical topics. Includes multimedia features, timelines, a section just for children, games, and articles by various writers.

  43. Ffynnon Bedr Primary School Ceredigion Read Parent Review...
    Read Ffynnon Bedr Primary School Ceredigion parent reviews in Schoolsnet. Ffynnon Bedr Primary School in Ceredigion rankings, ratings and contact details
    Categories: Pre-School, School Time
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  44. Galileo Galilei
    Biography, with links to related internet sites.

  45. Hollerith, Herman
    Read about the man who invented the tabulator Census Bureau.

  46. Doctors Defiant on Cloning
    Italian and US doctors say they intend to push ahead with plans to clone human beings despite widespread condemnation BBC article from March, 2001.

  47. The Story of Africa
    Tells the story of the continent from an African perspective. Includes rich illustrations and sound recordings. Produced by the BBC World Service.

  48. Ancient Egypt
    Includes information on Egyptian life, gods and goddesses, mummification, rulers, pyramids, temples, time, trade, and writing, as well as games to play online. From the British Museum.
    Categories: Egypt
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  49. Hypatia of Alexandria
    Detailed biography along with related links.

  50. Euclid of Alexandria
    Provides a detailed biography and related links.