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Substance Abuse

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  1. ASH - Action on Smoking and Health
    Pressure group and registered UK charity, lobbying for a comprehensive national programme to tackle the epidemic of tobacco-related diseases. Excellent collection of links and resources.

  2. ASH Scotland
    Forthcoming are tobacco and smoking fact sheets, statistics, news, projects, policies, and resources.

    A stop smoking programme available to employers and to health clubs.

  4. Narcotics Anonymous
    Official UK website of the international organisation, Narcotics Anonymous, run by recovering addicts. Uses a 12 Steps programme.

    Works to help ensure that people with substance dependencies get the treatment they need. Includes a directory of treatment providers.

  6. Smoking Don't give up giving up
    Official site produced by the NHS Health Education Authority. Useful advice on how to give up and you can ask for regular supportive e-mails.

  7. No Smoking Day
    Held on the second Wednesday of March every year. This is the official Web site to support people who want to stop smoking on this day.

  8. Drug test kits, Drug testing kits, alcohol test kits, dru...
    Drug Aware provide drug test kits, drug testing kits, alcohol testing kit and alcohol test kits with drug and alcohol awareness training, drug policy development and awareness training with breath test kits and saliva test kits and urine tests available, UK

  9. Re-Solv
    Society for the Prevention of Solvent and Volatile Substance Abuse, a UK based charity providing information for parents and young people.

  10. Alcohol Problems Advisory Service
    Offer advice and counselling on alcohol and other drug misuse as well as a wide range of other services. FAQ and information on the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory.

  11. Alcohol Education and Research Council
    Administers the Alcohol Education and Research Fund, which finances projects within the UK for education and research and to help those with drinking problems. Provides information on the AERC, its activities and details of how to apply for grants.

  12. NORCAS
    Drug and Alcohol information and services for East Anglia.

  13. Institute of Alcohol Studies
    Organisation sponsored by the United Kingdom Temperance Alliance. Provides a wide range of fact sheets about the use of alcohol.

  14. HIT
    Organisation providing training, consultation and information on drug-related issues. Aims to reduce harm caused by drug use.

  15. EPRA UK
    The Employment Project for Rehabilitation of Alcoholics and other Addicts is a registered charity. Provides a 6 phase programme to get addicts back to work.

  16. Action on Addiction
    Charity researching the causes of substance addicition. News and details of current national and international activities, together with advice and suggestions on how you can help.

  17. Alcohol and Alcoholism
    Journal published by th Medical Council on Alcoholism. Summaries and full text articles available online.

  18. UK-Rehab
    Directory of UK based addiction rehab service providers. Information on the subject of addiction and related matters. Guestbook and Forum.

  19. Drug Abuse Resistance Education UK Ltd
    A Charity established to reduce drug, solvent and alcohol abuse and violence by teaching children the consequences and resistance skills.

  20. Drug and Alcohol Action Programme
    Drug and alcohol education, prevention and treatment programmes for ethnic minority communities, including South Asian and African families, affected by substance misuse, drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

  21. Drug and Alcohol Education Services
    Company specialising in providing training and awareness programmes for individuals, groups or organisations.

  22. BBC News Sci Tech Cannabis 'safer than alcohol and tobacco'
    The World Health Organisation is said to have suppressed a report which concluded that cannabis was safer than alcohol.

  23. Learning Disability, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Fa...
    Market Research Report Learning Disability, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Facilities industry. Date Apr 2013 Staying at home Government support for independent living negatively affects demand

  24. What is substance abuse What is substance abuse
    Substance abuse, we can help you. Contact well known health expert now for help as seen on tv and heard on radio

  25. Substance abuse and mental disorders are now killing more...
    The Global Burden of Disease Study found depressive disorders account for the largest proportion, leading to 40 per cent of the worldwide death and disease burden.

  26. Anger Management for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Cl...
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