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  1. Pensions Regulator
    Supervises the pension industry and employers who administer pension schemes.

  2. Social Security Advisory Committee
    The main UK advisory body on social security matters. Provides information on the roles and responsibilities of the SSAC, plus details of members, consultations and publications.

  3. Department for Work and Pensions
    UK Government department responsible for welfare and employment issues. Formerly the Department of Social Security DSS and Department for Education and Employment DfEE .

  4. Working Together to Safeguard Children
    Government guidance on inter-agency co-operation in relation to transforming children's services.

  5. Appeals Service
    Independent public body responsible for appeals on decisions on Social Security, Child Support, Vaccine Damage, Tax Credit and Compensation Recovery. Site provides information about the Service, its regional offices and its procedures.

  6. Homelessness
    Information from the Department for Communities and Local Government on the UK Government's approach to the problem of homelessness and rough sleeping.

  7. Child Support Agency
    Government website containing information about the UK Child Support Agency, charter, FAQ, a questionnaire and also a link to the Government green paper for CSA reform.

  8. Veterans Agency
    Ministry of Defence agency responsible for veterans' affairs, including war and service pensions, service records, military graves, medals and welfare issues.

  9. The Pension Service
    Provides information and resources on pensions for individuals, employers and providers.

  10. Welfare Politics The Guardian
    Latest news and comment on Welfare from guardian.co.uk

  11. New welfare reform defeat for the Government as House of ...
    Peers rejected plans for a 'bedroom tax' on under-occupied council houses by a majority of 10 - and the Iain Duncan Smith's pictured Welfare Reform Bill will now have to be sent back to the House of Commons.

  12. Government's welfare reforms become law News Inside Housing
    Fundamental changes to the housing benefit system have become law after the Welfare Reform Bill received royal assent.

  13. Thousands of benefit claimants win legal victory over Tor...
    Top judges ruled a one-month time limit on appealing for benefits is unlawful - meaning people have been wrongly blocked from justice for years

  14. Government welfare cuts blamed for 50 surge in mental hea...
    Rates of severe anxiety and depression among unemployed people have soared by more than 50 per cent in the last four years as the impact of harsh austerity policies take their toll, The Independent can reveal. The UK Council for Psychotherapy UKCP said the Government s reforms of welfare payments were to blame for the rise, as benefit cuts and sanctions are having a toxic impact on mental health .

  15. Government welfare experts slam ministers for denying PIP...
    The Government s own welfare experts have attacked a controversial decision to deny disability benefits to 160,000 vulnerable people and urged ministers to shelve it. The changes to Personal Independence Payments PIPs affecting the mentally ill - should be delayed until they have been properly tested and clearly understood , ministers are told. The experts also warn it is not clear how assessors will interpret the changes raising the danger that claimants will not be consistently treated .