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  1. Counselling Anger Management and Stress Management Servic...
    Anger and Stress Management Service, counselling for men and women who have difficulty managing anger and or stress. This service is provided online and face to face.

  2. Has the West's war with Iran already begun Mystery explos...
    Has the West's war with Iran already begun Mystery explosions at nuke sites, 'assassinated' scientists and downed drones fuel fears covert conflict is under way

  3. Freedom from Suspicion Rs/2011/nov/uesources Justice Arena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold Stars
    A Justice Report - Freedom from Suspicion Resources Justice Surveillance and the right to privacy Interception of communications Communications data Intrusive Surveillance Directed Surveillance Covert human intelligence sources Encryption keys The Investigatory Powers Tribunal

  4. THE ISRAEL LOBBY (AIPAC) - A DANGER TO THE WORLD Arena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold Stars
    THE ISRAEL LOBBY (AIPAC) - A DANGER TO THE WORLD The suppressed number ONE blockbuster of Google's 'Movers and Shakers' list.

  5. The ghost towns of China Amazing satellite images show ci...
    Some estimates put the number of empty homes at as many as 64 million, with up to 20 new cities being built every year in the country's vast swathes of free land.

  6. League of Arab States Observer Mission to Syria Arena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold Stars
    League of Arab States Observer Mission to Syria Report of the Head of the League of Arab States Observer Mission to Syria for the period from 24 December 2011 to 18 January 2012

  7. US Edging closer towards war with Iran - Opinion - Al Jaz...
    The biggest problem for the US is not Iran getting a nuclear weapon and testing it, but getting it and not using it.

  8. The Few - a Battle of Britain Tribute.
    The Few. A tribute to the 2,945 pilots who flew in the Battle of Britain between 0001hrs. on 10th July, 1940 and 2359 hrs. on the 31st October, 1940 during World War 2

  9. Philip Dunbavin Acoustics Ltd Sound Testing
    Acoustic Consultants experts in building acoustics, noise modelling theatre design, environmental noise, industrial noise, registered expert witness and single joint expert, sound testing, noise measurement.

  10. Hash Direct
    A resource for information, discussion, news and facts about cannabis, marijuana, hemp, and seed banks.

  11. War on Iran has already begun. Act before it threatens al...
    Seumas Milne Escalation of the covert US-Israeli campaign against Tehran risks a global storm. Opposition has to get more serious

  12. Kim Dotcom v United States of America - Indictment - 5th ...
    Kim Dotcom v United States of America - Indictment - 5th January 2012

  13. Skeptic Trumps
    Skeptic Trumps

  14. MigrationWatchUK
    MigrationwatchUK is an independent and non-political body established in October 2001. Our purposes are to monitor migration flows to and from the UK, provide to the press and public the most accurate, available information, in a comprehensible form, provide balanced comment, identify policy options for consideration by government. MigrationwatchUK proceeds on the basis that existing ethnic minorities form a valuable part of British society, and that genuine asylum seekers should be given refuge.

  15. Climate report puts geoengineering in the spotlight Natur...
    IPCC statement suggests tinkering with the atmosphere could be necessary to meet climate goals.

    Panos produces information for media on global development issues with a developing world perspective. It provides news, radio programs, briefings on topics such as AIDS, environment, economics and women's health.

  17. BBC In Depth Foot and Mouth
    Ongoing collection of news articles, reports, forums, audio and video. From BBC News. UK.

  18. Guardian - Crank or campaigner After ten nail bombs polic...
    Mary O'Hara and Peter Hetherington.

  19. BBC News Economy Reports The IMF and World Bank
    The BBC's Economics correspondent James Morgan explains the IMF and World Bank. Plus links and other background material.

  20. The UK Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease Surveillance Unit
    Summarizes the research in progress at the CJD unit and also provides background information about CJD and other human spongiform encephalopathies.

  21. Stevan Harnad on Free Access Initiatives
    How to free access to scientific literature papers by one of the leaders of the open archives initiative.

  22. CWN Guestbook - February 2001
    CWN Guestbook - February 2001

  23. Inside Housing
    E-magazine concerned with social housing issues in the UK. Page includes news, feature articles and career job listings.

    WNTI promoting the safe, effiencent and reliable transport of radiaoctive materials. Site provides a generic look at the international transport of radioactive materials.

  25. Living Streets
    A campaign of the Pedestrians' Association. Aiming to make every village, town and city more pedestrian friendly. Manifesto, contacts, and livability survey.

  26. Camden Cycling Campaign
    Group that lobbies Camden Council for road conditions suitable for safe cycling.

  27. Why Low Tar Cigarettes Don't Work and How the Tobacco Ind...
    Smokers could be forgiven for believing that low tar cigarettes deliver less tar to the smoker's lung. However, the actual tar exposure, and hence health risk, from smoking low tar brands may be the almost the same as for conventional cigarettes. ASH-UK report.

  28. Raptor World
    Visitor centre, dedicated to the conservation and welfare of birds of prey.

  29. BBC News Analysis Why does Nagorno Karabakh matter
    BBC analyst Tom de Waal offers a simple guide to the place and the issues.

  30. ASH - Action on Smoking and Health
    Pressure group and registered UK charity, lobbying for a comprehensive national programme to tackle the epidemic of tobacco-related diseases. Excellent collection of links and resources.

  31. opinion main.jhtml xml opinion 2001 0...

  32. Centre For Alternative Technology
    Educational charity striving to achieve the best cooperation between the natural, technological and human worlds. Provides an avenue to test, live with, display strategies and tools for this purpose.

  33. Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Env...
    Part of the University of East Anglia in the UK, this site provides information on their research and publications.

  34. PePiPoo
    Reveals how the UK police and judiciary deal with allegations of speeding in real life and provides the information motorists need to defend themselves. Includes forums, information on real cases and the law in theory and practice.

  35. ASH Scotland
    Forthcoming are tobacco and smoking fact sheets, statistics, news, projects, policies, and resources.

    The Charity looks after up to 120 retired horses, ponies and donkeys from all walks of life including the police, army and Riding for the Disabled. Also provides equine welfare grants. Chilterns, Buckinghamshire.

  37. Surfers Against Sewage
    Environmental pressure group they don't like south West Water .

  38. Nuclear Powers Promise to Disarm
    The world's five main nuclear powers pledge the total elimination of their weapons stockpiles, but give no timetable. BBC News.

  39. LabourStart UK
    News for workers culled from the newswires. Site includes online discussion forums and other resources.

  40. Uranium Weapons 2001-2003 Hazards for Iraq
    Suspected uranium warheads in US hard target guided weapons verified by US Patents. Provides analysis of collected studies and public domain sources.

  41. Chile Disputes the Medical Report on General Pinochet's F...
    The recommendation that Senator Pinochet is not fit to stand trial is at odds with the available evidence.

  42. World Vision
    Christian organisation working in 92 countries helping people in their struggle against poverty, hunger and injustice. Provides aid and emergency aid and has child sponsorship programs. Site requires Internet Explorer or Netscape.

  43. The Shark Trust
    Promotes the study, management and conservation of sharks, skates and rays in the UK and elsewhere. Includes news, photographs, a video, a forum, links to related sites, and the opportunity to adopt a shark.

  44. Natural England
    Statutory body responsible for looking after England's variety of wild plants and animals, its biodiversity and natural features. Details of the organisations work and publications.

  45. Bullying Online
    Help and advice for victims of bullying.

  46. BBC News - Referendum Street
    A street in the UK is visited by pro and anti campaigners for monetary union - explore the issues surrounding the entry of the UK into the Euro

  47. Mystery Metal Nightmare in Afghanistan
    Health and safety hazards in Afghanistan due to reported and suspected uranium and depleted uranium weapons used since October 2001. Investigation into suspected use of DU in hard target guided weapons and potential health and environmental effects.

  48. Financial Scandals
    Links to information on financial scandals, bank frauds, money laundering, corruption, scams, and organized crime.

  49. The Register Pop-up goes the commission
    Article reporting on the alleged hijacking of affiliate commissions by 180solutions' Zango software through its use of double pop-ups, and 180solutions responses to criticism.

  50. Hidden Hurt - Domestic Abuse Information
    This site is designed to help understand the dynamics of an abusive relationship, the different forms abuse can take, and it's effect on both direct victims ie person being abused and indirect victims.